Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hide Your Braces, Not Your Smile !

ClearPath provides aligners to straighten teeth. It is a solution for all misaligned teeth to correct them to desired manner. Clear Path gives the facility for aligning teeth without braces. So it can provide good oral hygiene. Clear Path has no brackets and wires. The clear braces are renewed after each two weeks. Clear braces are made of medical grade plastics. 
Clear Braces

Advantages of the Clear Path is :


Doctor takes the impressions of teeth and customizes clear braces for each and everyone.


They are virtually invisible. So align teeth and get the smile always desired without having any social inhibitions.


Can remove aligner to eat, drink, brush, floss or for special occasions.


They won’t irritate your gums or cheeks.

Predictable & Effective:

Can see the treatment outcome even before starting it and start enjoying a better smile even before completing the treatment.

Clear Path can treat :

  • Crowding  : teeth are too close together
  • Spacing    : gaps between teeth
  • Overbite   : teeth overlap too much vertically
  • Overjet     : upper front teeth stick out and protruded
  • Underbite :lower teeth extend past the upper front teeth
  • Crossbite :upper and lower teeth bite on the wrong side each
  • Openbite  :your teeth do not meet when you bite
  • Misplaced Midline :center lines of upper and lower teeth don’t align

Aligner Insertion

First insert the lower teeth aligner or the upper teeth aligner. Then apply equal pressure on the right and left molar. If the aligner not positioned properly the bite onto a cotton for to fit the aligner properly. The also you experience discomfort, then contact your treating doctor.

Aligner Removal

Using the finger start from one side and at the molars, and slowly work your way around to the other side. To prevent the damage avoid the unnecessary removal. Do not use sharp object for the removal of the clear aligners and do not use excessive force on the aligners.

How to store the clear braces ? 


Using toothpaste and the tooth brush clean the braces before each insertion. Brush and floss teeth after each meals. When the clear braces are remove from the teeth, it should store in the aligner case. Do not allow the clear braces to stain the or makes discoloration of braces. If the clear braces become dry, then fade its transparency and lead to the chance for brittle. 


SmileArchitect Center for Dental Care imparts Clear Path Technology with experienced Clear Path specialist in Bangalore. 

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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Straighten Teeth with Metal Braces

In orthodontics dental braces are the device that used for correct the teeth alignment problems and jaw problems. Metal braces consist of brackets, arch wires and ligatures. They are made of stainless steel or titanium. Today's metal braces are becoming much smaller and comfortable. Ligature are helping to hold the brackets in arch wire. 
metal braces

 Advantages of Metal Braces

  • Metal braces less expensive than all other braces.
  • Among all the braces, metal braces required less treatment time.
  • No ligature in case of self ligating metal braces. So staining is not a problem.
  • Metal braces are strong.

Disadvantages of Metal Braces

  • They are noticeable.
  • Metal braces irritate gums and cheeks at the first stage of the treatment.
  • Hard to clean the metal braces.

    traditional braces

Treatment Procedure

Metal braces treatment starts with cleaning of the mouth. Metal brackets are then attached to the teeth using bonding glue. The brackets and glue will irritate initially. Then the brackets are connected to the brackets. The arch wire has an important role in the alignment of the teeth. The arch wire determines the alignment path of teeth. Then the ligature or elastic rings are used to hold the brackets with arch wire. Ligature also helps to apply pressure on the teeth. The duration of treatment is 18 to 24 months. Length of treatment also depends the case of the patient. Treatment completes when the teeth aligned to desired position. After the treatment patient advised to wear the retainer. Retainer helps to prevent the relapse of teeth and also hold the teeth in the new position.

metal braces

Metal braces are very difficult to clean. So chance to accumulate plaque on teeth, that will lead to the decay of teeth. So oral hygiene is very important. Brush your teeth at least two times in a day. Floss at least twice in a week. Wash mouth whenever eat and drink. Avoid some food items while having braces.

Foods to avoid when wearing braces :

  • Nuts
  • Hard taco shells
  • Sticky and hard candy
  • Gum
  • Ice
  • Corn chips
  • Hard cookies or crackers
  • Sticky or hard chocolate
  • Popcorn
    metal braces

The cost of the treatment depends different factors such as the situation of the patient, type of braces, need of any restorative work during or before the treatment starts.
Smile Architect Centre for Dental care imparts you Orthodontic Treatment with advanced technology in Bangalore.
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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Better Results in Less Time with Damon Braces

Damon system is a fixed, self ligating method used in orthodontics for correcting malocclusions. It is tieless method which means no use of elastic wire to hold the brackets in proper place. Instead of elastic ring damon braces consist a clip which works with arch wire to move teeth into a new position and special clip also forces pressure to the teeth. So teeth alignment is possible without periodic tightening. The brackets themselves closes the wire with the help of clips.

Damon Braces

The average treatment time for Damon braces are less than the traditional braces treatment. Damon braces always apply less pressure on teeth than other braces. So will get comfort feel and less pain.
Arch wires also more advanced than the traditional braces. Damon braces are easier to clean so it easy to maintain oral hygiene.


Metal Damon braces are less noticeable than the traditional braces because Damon braces are smaller than the traditional metal braces. By eliminating the elastic rings, Damon braces avoid the accumulation of plaque and bacterial build up. Can work faster than the traditional braces.

Damon Bracket

Damon braces use different movement to align the teeth. These braces are made of 60% ceramic reinforced composite. Damon braces are placed in front of the teeth as same as the traditional braces. They do not irritate the gums and cheeks while wearing. Significantly it produces better results and required less number of adjustments. The wires used in the Damon braces lighter than the traditional braces which are the composition of copper, nickel and titanium alloy. The average treatment time of Damon braces is 18 months. Damon clear braces are also available. Damon Bracket is made of stainless steel for stability. Clear damon braces are virtually invisible. 

Damon clear braces


Damon braces treatment starts with bonding damon brackets on tooth using bonding glue. Then by using small clip, brackets are attached to the arch wire. During the procedure some force exerted on the teeth. Then feels mild tenderness for a few hours. At the initial stage, feel some discomfort. After bonding the Damon braces , It is important to have regular visit with your doctor for the slight adjustment of braces if necessary. If teeth aligned to your satisfaction then that is the time to remove Damon braces. After the completion of treatment you are advised by the dentist to wear retainer for to hold the teeth in new position.
Damon metal braces and Damon clear braces

The cost of the Damon braces varies depends on individual cases. Your doctor can determine the cost of treatment based on your needs. Case difficulty, length of treatment that are some factors which influence the cost of treatment. 

Smile Architect Centre for Dental Care provides you affordable innovative dental care service aligning teeth  with improved dental health.

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Teeth Alignment With Ceramic Braces

Dental braces are the device used in Orthodontics to align teeth in the right way. Today patients have different options for  straightening their teeth. One of the best options is Ceramic Braces which made of composition of materials. Ceramic braces are either in tooth coloured or transparent called clear ceramic braces. They have different levels of transparency. They are more comfortable for patients.

Ceramic Braces

Many people have crowded or misaligned teeth. Orthodontic Ceramic Brace treatment move them into a better position. It makes an improvement in appearance, the way of biting together and makes them easier to clean

Clear Ceramic Braces

They made of ceramic alloys. It has a great following especially among adults because of its transparency. Clear elastic brace wires or white metal brace wires are used in addition to clear ceramic brackets.

 Clear Ceramic Braces

They are made of ceramic or plastic. Offer less visibility than other braces and natural looking.

Advantages of Ceramic Braces

  • They are cosmetically less obvious than metallic braces.
  • Ceramic Brackets do not make stain on the teeth.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Braces

  • Ceramic braces are more brittle and sensitive to shock. So that they can break easily.
  • They are harder than enamel. So there is a chance of damage on enamel when removed or attach to the teeth.
  • Ceramic braces are not easier to manage than metal braces.
  • Expensive than conventional braces.
  • The tooth coloured brace wires can become discoloured if you do not maintain oral hygiene.

 Tooth coloured braces

Initially Orthodontist clean and dry your teeth and apply bonding glue and attach the ceramic bracket. Then place the brace wire in the brackets and secure them with elastic band. Once your dental braces are in place you need regular adjustment appointments. The treatment will continue for 6 to 24 months.
After completion of orthodontic treatment the patient is advised to wear retainers to avoid the relapse and to hold teeth in the new position.

Ceramic braces deliver excellent results and consider as an effective treatment option. Like metal brackets ceramic brackets are not removable until treatment gets completed. Ceramic brackets are available in different Brands. Depending on the brace wire used, expense increases.

 Clear barces

How to care the ceramic braces from staining ?

  • Brush your teeth after every meal.
  • Floss and Rinse frequently.
  • Stop Smoking.
  • Keep off whitening toothpastes.
  • Get your Ligature changed frequently.

    We Smile Architect Centre for Dental Care gives Orthodontic Treatments with experienced orthodontists. Provides complete solution for all kinds of dental problems.


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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Endodontics & Root Canal Therapy

The common name used for endodontic therapy is root canal therapy or treatment. Endodontics mainly treat areas inside the tooth like dentin, pulp, root canal etc. Also treats conditions like tooth infection, tooth trauma, cracked tooth etc. In endodontic treatment or root canal treatment, the infected or heavily decayed tooth will be cleaned and filled with medicines and will make it infection free.
Endodontic Treatment

Before explaining about the treatment procedure, we will explore the areas of teeth to get a better understanding. The outer layer of teeth is called the enamel. After enamel here comes dentin. Dentin protects the pulp and nerves which lead to the bone through a canal called the root canal.

tooth structure

Endodontic treatment is recommended for situations like if the pulp is inflamed or infected. The main cause may be deep tooth decay, repeated dental treatment in one single tooth, dental trauma like crack, chip etc. Gum disease can also cause infection in the pulp. These issues will lead to swelling and inflammation to pulp and the pressure will arise severe tooth ache. If ignored may cause irreversible damage to the pulp.

For saving your tooth, you need to undergo root canal treatment. Otherwise you may need to extract the tooth fully.

The main symptoms for having root canal treatment is,

-Severe pain in tooth
-Prolonged sensitivity in tooth
-Discolouration in tooth
-Swelling and tenderness in nearby gums.

tooth ache

Root Canal Procedure

Root canal procedure is a step by step procedure. Sometimes it requires 2 to 3 visits for completing the entire procedure. Initially the doctor will go through the entire medical records of the patient. According to the condition of the patient the doctor will fix the time for the root canal procedure.

First, a small opening will be made through the back of the front tooth or opening in the crown of the infected tooth. Then the diseased pulp will be removed and the pulp chamber and the root canal area will be cleaned. Now this area will be infection free and will be filled with medicines. Some patients will need a second visit because of their tooth condition. So for these patients, the doctor will fill temporary fillings for protecting the tooth.

root canal procedure

When the patient comes after a specific time period given by the doctor, the temporary fillings will be removed and the tooth may filled with permanent fillings. These fillings are rubbery materials called gutta-percha is inserted into both the canals and sealed with dental cement. After fillings, a crown will be placed above the tooth for giving it a natural shape & appearance.

After Treatment

After the complete restoration, the tooth will function normally. For the first few weeks, sensitivity will be felt. The dentist will prescribe proper medications according to the need of the patient. Even if your tooth became infection free, you should maintain a good oral hygiene for better dental health. You should follow proper habits like brushing twice a day, cleaning, flossing, and regular check-ups. Avoid biting and chewing of hard food items.

root canal treatment 

We Smile Architect Centre for Dental Care provides Endodontic Treatment with efficient endodontists. Have all the new ways of treatment procedure plus advanced technology and aims to provide a patient friendly environment.

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Monday, 16 June 2014

Orthodontics : New Methods to Straighten Your Teeth

Orthodontics is one of the main treatment provided in Smile Architect Centre for Dental Care. It deals with the treatment of improper bites or the alignment problems of teeth & jaw. Improper bites are also known as Malocclusion. Malocclusion refers to improperly aligned teeth and jaw. The treatment is done with the help of dental braces. Dental Braces are orthodontic devices which will help to correct the alignment problems of teeth.

The improper bites or alignment problems can occur due to an injury, thumb sucking, hereditary disorder, or other unknown reasons. 
Orthodontics will correct the alignment problems & also improves the overall appearance of the face. It is very effective for all the age groups. The treatment will give confidence to smile & a change to life. 


Orthodontic Treatment can be applied to several conditions like
  • Teeth on the lower part of the jaw
  • Under bite where the lower teeth just out beyond the upper teeth
  • Crowding of teeth.
  • Spaced or have gaps in between teeth
  • Protruded or Overbite
  • Lateral incisors missing
  • Cross bites
  • Deep bites
  • Crooked teeth
  • Speech and Eating problems
  • Health issues of gums and teeth


Orthodontics devices or dental braces are of different types. It is mainly classified into two, fixed braces & removable braces.

In orthodontics, fixed braces are common and it is mostly used. Fixed Braces gives best, effective & long lasting results than removable braces. There are different types of Fixed braces,
braces, fixed space maintainers & special fixed appliances.
  • Braces : Braces are the most commonly used fixed devices. It mainly consists of bands, brackets, and wires etc.
  • Fixed space maintainers : It mostly used in children when their milk teeth goes. The maintainers will help to keep the tooth on either sides from filling the gaps.  


Removable Braces

Removable braces are mainly used for mild problems like thumb sucking or slightly crooked teeth. It is also used after using fixed braces for maintaining corrected position of teeth. This devices can be removed manually when ever the patient desires. Variety of removable devices are available now.
  • Aligners : Aligners are being used as an alternative to traditional braces in adults.
  • Headgear : It aims to pull back the front teeth while back teeth remains fixed.
  • Lip & Cheek Bumpers : Bumpers are helpful in keeping lips or cheeks away from teeth.
  • Palatal Expander : Palatal expander is a plastic device which helps to widen the arch of upper jaw.
  • Removable Retainers : Devices are meant to prevent the teeth from moving to their original position.
  • Removable Space Maintainers : Removable space maintainers performs the same function as fixed space maintainers
  • Splints(jaw repositioning appliances) : The splints are designed to train jaw to close properly.  

   We Smile Architect Centre for Dental Care is a well established hospital for all dental problems by giving high quality treatments in affordable prices.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Dental Treatments at it's Best.

Smile Architect is one of the the state of the art dental centres located at Bangalore. Wide range of dental services are being provided at smile architect. The dental care starts with the through and extensive examination and devise the treatment plan to meet the needs of the patient. The dental centre is committed the higher standard of quality dental care in an amicable environment which ensures the experience of patients a pleasant one.

The various dental treatments offered here includes Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Endodontics, Dental Implants, Periodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial surgery and prosthodontics.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry deals with the diagnosis and treatment of improper bites and various aspects of facial growth and appearance. The results of this treatment are seen to be successful and exists for long. This involves the use of braces, head gears, plates, correct the misalignments.
This branch deals with the large number of procedures to enhance the teeth appearance and smile of a person. The cosmetic surgery gives an improved overall appearance, self confidence and self esteem. This includes a variety of treatment options to improve oral and cosmetic disorders.
Endodontics is a branch of dentistry which deals with various defects inside the tooth. Treatment is normally carried out in regions of tooth pulp and root canal and aims to correct the tooth infection, dental trauma and cracked teeth. The common name for endodontic therapy is root canal therapy and it is relatively a painless process too.
 Dental implants are artificial devices that are used to replace the roots of natural teeth. It has the same appearance as of natural tooth. These implants are mainly made of titanium material. Dental implants are used in the empty space of lost or removed tooth. The dental implants are aimed for people who don’t like to go for the conventional procedure.

The branch of dentistry which focuses to treat the surrounding structures which supports teeth. The structures included are gums, cementum, bone, and periodontal ligamen and these structures are commonly known as periodontium. Periodontal disease is seen to occur when the teeth or nearby tissues are infected. These diseases can affect either a single tooth or more teeth
Restorative dentistry deals with the diagnosis and restoration of dental and oral tissues. This branch aims to protect the natural teeth and this treatment is primarily for the children having dental problems. Other disciplines in this branch for the patient is filling of missing teeth, prevention and treatment of diseases affecting gums,root canal treatment etc...
Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a branch of surgery which aims to treat soft and hard tissues of mouth along with maxillofacial region. Maxillofacial region describes the area of facial skeleton. Facial skeleton includes bones of the forehead, soft tissues, cheekbone, face, and jaws. The treatment procedure ranges from removal of affected teeth to facial trauma repair

Prosthodontics is a branch of dentistry which aims to replace lost or damaged teeth with artificial materials. The materials used are oral and facial prosthesis, dentures and dental implants. It involves diagnosis and treatment of missing teeth and oral and maxillofacial tissues. It retain an overall oral function and appearance. This dentistry branch is also known as prosthetic dentistry.

We Smile Architect - Center for Dental Care  aim to provide effective and quality based dental treatments at an affordable price. We are among a few hospitals in India which offers a low cost dentistry treatment. Countries abroad such as UK, USA, and other western countries, demand high rate for such treatments. There treatments cost about nearly a tenth, which we offer in our hospital.

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